Close the windows and turn on the gas, kids! Time to make some costumes!
I honestly can't remember a time before I started making things.
I did my first solo sewing project at the age of three, and it never really stopped from there. My entire life has been littered with fabric, foam, zippers, caustic adhesives, and other raw materials. There has been a lot of carnage and mistake-making along the way, but every once in a while, I end up with a project that I'm at least 86% happy with.
No matter where life takes me in my career or my personal life, I know as long as I still have the drive to create things, I will always remain true to myself.
My mother was a crafty crafter and my dad is career military, so in the tradition of freaky hybrid anomalies everywhere, I am both an artsy fartsy creative monster AND anal-retentive. Sometimes, these two somewhat conflicting elements war with each other -- my shoulder angel and devil don't so much debate good and evil, but instead whether I should let go of all constriction and create freely, or stick to the thirty-part flowchart I designed to optimize time and productivity.
I love all kinds of costuming and clothing design, and I really delight in trying to find creative solutions to challenging problems. Whether it's designing original can-can gear, styling weddings, or tackling a big monster costume, I always dig in and work as hard as I can to achieve the ideal result. I don't really care for the phrase "It's good enough" -- I want to always go beyond what can be gotten away with in an effort to make things as perfect as possible. Sometimes things work out, and sometimes they don't, but I always learn from mistakes, and I never give up on a project if I can avoid it.
I firmly believe that every human being is creative, though some have yet to learn to express it. I encourage every single person I hear saying, "I could never do that!" to stop editing themselves! Anyone can learn to express themselves artistically. It's fairly rare that someone is born with the innate ability to sew, to draw, or to paint. The rest of us just have to learn to do these things, and we can, which is the coolest thing ever, if you really think about it. You have the capacity to create what you want! The road may be long and bumpy, but if you persevere, you can reach almost any creative goal.
I'm lucky enough to share my creative streak with Brian, my amazingly sweet husband. We often bicker over how to get things done, but in the end, it's always worthwhile when we see what we've managed to do together. I am also fortunate to have a gang of groovy friends who like to do this costuming thing, too, and it means the world to me to know that I can count on them to get things done and done well, and that they generally forgive my whip-cracking and perfectionism. I love these kooky kids. *
In the end, I think we all just do it to make people giggle and smile, including ourselves.
What better reason could there be?

* Male Tusken Raider by Jeff Allen

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