Really I became involved with MM as a handler. That was more than enough mischief for me, as I don't have mad skills in costuming…

You see, I only learned to sew for the first time about 6 years ago--thanks to Holly. While I've always enjoyed wearing costumes, and I've always loved Science Fiction and Fantasy stories, I never was terribly crafty growing up. I knew basic mending techniques, but my mother never sewed--I can remember only a few occasions in my childhood where she actually made things. I never took Home Economics in high school (do they even offer that any more?) as my electives were all art and chorus. So I think I had other activities as a kid that fulfilled my need to create--music, writing poetry, and drawing. Unfortunately those slowly fell away by the time I went to graduate school and started working full time.

Not long after Holly came to work at the library where I worked, she asked me to be her Star Wars Barbie Doll for Halloween. A Woochie bald cap with a vibrant pony tail and antenna later, I was Aurra Sing from "Episode One". Holly's ideas and skills were really inspiring to me, and she and Brian also introduced me to other highly creative geeky types. In many ways there was a lot from my childhood that had not been nourished that suddenly felt at home. So when in 2001 Holly offered to help me learn to sew by making Arwen's riding gown from Fellowship of the Ring, I was very excited. My inner costumer was coming out...
Not long after this, Making Mischief were working on their next project for DragonCon, Dr Teeth & the Electric Mayhem, and I asked if they needed any help, and I was scooped up to be a handler. I LOVED it. Just the sheer craziness of the experience made it fun--of course, it was my first time at DragonCon that year as well.
This year when I was asked last minute to step in to wear the Shaun the Sheep costume for Tricia, I didn't hesitate to help out. In this respect I also was able to appreciate the importance of being a handler--I basically had an easy time playing a wandering sheep who needs to be herded--I couldn't see anything in the costume! Which made the whole experience crazy fun in a new way. It's hard not to have a good time when you hear people cooing "HOW CUTE!" at you! That's gratifying, making people smile and laugh.
Basically I love these folks--sure they are super talented, but also are some of the most goofy, fun, hard-working people I've met. They all seem to get along very well. So it's hard not to love costuming when you're having a good time!

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