The Dragon*Con Store offers DVDs of years 2002-2005. This page features video clips kindly provided by friends. The quality varies and some are incomplete, but it's great to have more than one angle! (Other than on the Official 2002 DVD, we don't know of any clips of our "Nightmare Before Christmas" costumes... Anyone out there have one?)
[ photos, at least ] music edit: "This Is Halloween", "Oogie's Song" and "End Title" by Danny Elfman from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
2:30 min., 10.2 MB
1:15 min., 7.7 MB
:38 sec., 6.1 MB
music edit: "Dance of the Fairy Candy" by Tchaikovsky from Classiks On Toys, then "Dancing In The Light" by Entrain. With our Special Thanks to Sydney!
4 min., 28.9 MB 3 min., 21.9 MB 4:45 min., 31.7 MB
music edit: "Opening Theme" from The Muppet Show, then "Can You Picture That" by Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem from The Muppet Movie. Plus bits of Elvis Costello, They Might Be Giants and others while the band "tunes up".
also has their "Dr. Teeth" coverage online!
Animal mouth test [ 7MB ]
3 min., 19.1 MB Studio Creations post-show interview
music edit: "Snowflake Music" by Mark Mothersbaugh from Rushmore, then "Run Llama Run" by John Debney from Emperor's New Groove.
You may've heard in the Studio Creations interview above that we were taking a Masquerade break in 2006. We did, however, conduct a costuming panel at Dragon*Con. Topics and Q&A ranged from visibility and mobility, to keeping temperature and costs low. Studio Creations again provides the video (tho the room's acoustics and our mic usage are so-so).
Each chunk is about 14min. and 33MB
introductions... Q&A begins: transporting, cooling, footwear, skin/fleece, visibility, handlers...
framework/support, smooth foam, weight distribution, starting point, Plasti Dip... eyes, limb-extensions, safety, presentation, heads, low-tech...

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