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Making Mischief has won five "Best In Show" awards in Dragon*Con's Masquerade (the latter four wins in the Master category).

This coterie of costumers, this salmagundi of... something-or-others (I found my Thesaurus then lost it again) is made up of friends old and new-ish. Tho we share a seriously whimsical passion for costuming, our backgrounds are diverse -- some of us have worked in radio, television and film, some have worked in technical, managerial and library fields. None of us is a Professional Costumer.

With planning, allowing enough time to discover creative solutions, we've been able to pursue this passion on fairly low budgets. The goal is to make them well, but above all: fun. We enjoy the crowds' reactions to our hard work and encourage anyone interested in the hobby!

Thank you everyone who helped make this experience unforgettable!
Thank you to our tireless and thoughtful Handlers Lili, Steve, Dawn, Chris D., Stine, Donna, Tony, Stephanie, Heidi, Ferd, Judy, Brian R., Heather, Josh and Lisa D. Also Cully and Jason M. Thank you to the generous and talented Photographers Adam, Roger, Fong, Dean, Dave, Joe, Chris H., Thom, Tito, Jill, Cassandra, Marcus and Jeff. Also Jason F. Thank you to the Masquerade's Bob & Marilee, the "Den Mothers", and Judges, Emcees and Staff. Also Hyatt Security, our bosses, Significant Others and parents!
If you see a photo of yours and I did not get permission to post it, please contact me and I will remove it A.S.A.P. --Brian F.